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Pre - FE / EIT Exam Review Courses

Basic Materials (On-Demand)
Every year more than 60,000 applicants register to take the Fundamental of Engineering (FE) , otherwise known as EIT exam. A good percentage of these candidates have been out of school for more than 7 years and forgotten the basic engineering topics. A good number of students have not even taken the required courses, and a FE review courses cannot properly prepare them to take the FE exam. Besides they do not understand some of the FE prep courses content because of lack of enough back ground in that area.
Pre-FE courses help you to prepare for the basic engineering materials. These courses are developed assuming the candidates do not know the most fundamentals to understand the FE prep courses.
Pre-FE includes:
  • Recorded Videos to help refresh your basic subjects
  • Practice Problems

Basic Mathematics
$70.00 (not refundable)

Basic Fluid
$70.00 (not refundable)

Basic Thermodynamics
$70.00 (not refundable)

Basic Electricity
$70.00 (not refundable)

Basic Chemistry
$70.00 (not refundable)

Basic Dynamics
$70.00 (not refundable)

Basic Static
$70.00 (not refundable)

FE / EIT CBT Exam Review

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