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FE Civil Review Courses

As many students know, starting January 2014 the FE / EIT exam changed to a computer-based test (CBT). Our program is prepared in such way to help you improve your study skills, enhance your learning capability, and improve your confidence. We have been developing our new review courses for the FE CBT exam and are proud to announce the following changes to better suit your needs :

  • An updated calculator lecture and workshop
  • Simulated exams that are closely related to the CBT Exam
  • Practical skills and techniques required to answer questions of each topic separately
  • Necessary bookmarks for the NCEES reference manuals, so you can quickly find key points and equations you need for the exam.
  • Greater emphasis on conceptual problems and how to answer questions without solving them
  • More emphasis on common errors students may make during the exam
  • We will continually update our recorded lectures to stay in sync with the NCEES
  • Our technique will also help you on How to deal with exam question and session management

If you have been out of school for many years or have forgotten some of the courses, use our 25 years of research, teaching experience, Materials, and Study guide to pass your FE / EIT exam. Our team help you succeed in passing the FE exam by providing you with the necessary tools, so you study what is on the exam and not the entire book. By joining the EITExperts family, you are able to reach your goal of passing FE exam on your first try. Students across the USA and Canada choose EITExperts because of our trusted teaching techniques. We design strategy to study and take exam in such way every student is prepared to take the exam in their chosen disciplines. We are happy to be a part of your future success, and we are here to help you achieve your goal.

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