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How to Pass FE CBT exam

Free 2 Hours Webinar, Presented by Dr. S Jahanian

This webinar is good for every one who has exam this week or is looking for materials to study for the exam. Following are Materials to be covered in this Webinar:
  • How does the webinar class work ( Live online Review )?
  • Strategy for Taking FE/EIT CBT Exam
  • Concept of Time Management
  • How to overcome test anxiety
  • How to turn the NCEES reference manual and calculator to two powerful tools
  • How to study if I have been out of school for several years ?
  • Strategy for Studying the FE / EIT CBT Exam.
  • Why some students fail FE/ EIT exam even after several attempts.
  • Among the available materials in the market, which one is the best to study from?
  • Many more...

Dr. Shawn Jahanian, Distinguished Speaker
President and Founder

Dr. Shawn (Shahriar) Jahanian is the president and founder of EITEXPERTS. He trains and coaches his students to pass the FE / EIT CBT exam. One of Dr. Jahanian’s areas of interest is pedagogical research, where he published more than 10 papers in that field, one of which he has won an international award and ranked second in the world for innovation in teaching. Most of his pedagogical research concentrates on understanding how people learn, and how to enhance the learning capability of students. Based on that experience, he started his company; EITExperts Inc. Dr Jahanian holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering & Civil from Louisiana State University (LSU) and has 25 years of experience teaching at LSU, Southern University, Penn State, Temple University and CSU Fresno. He has more than 40 research papers, published books, and holds a patent. He has also secured funding for several research projects from governmental agencies as well as industrial sector. He has also been a assessor for several prestigious journals and proceedings, such as IEEE Transaction on Education, Journal of Engineering Education and ASEE Proceedings.

If you have any question, please call us. 559-304-5732

FE / EIT CBT Exam Review

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