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Calculator Learning
CASIO FX - 115 ES Plus
FE CBT Exam (OnDemand)

  • Our Calculator Learning, can help you to enhance your grade up to 20%
  • Solving Several problems by professor
  • We focus on teaching how to use Casio FX-115 Es Plus for FE CBT Exam
  • You may watch the lectures as many times as you wish.
The following topics are offered in this course
  • Basic operations of the calculator and functions of diff keys.
  • Finding integral and derivatives
  • Base 2, 8, and 16 operation
  • Complex Algebra
  • Operations and creation of complex numbers
    • Polar and Cartesian coordinates
    • Moving between the Cartesian and polar coordinates
    • Solving exponential complex number.
    • Applications in electronics
  • Matrix operations
  • Vector operations
  • Statistics and probability
    • Regression
    • Permutation and combination
    • Mean and standard deviation with frequencies.
  • And many more topics which will be in FE / EIT Exam.


Calculator Learning

Video Learning Calculator


More than 400 bonus problems with their solution


Several selected problems are solved step by step and video taped




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What Our Students Say :
  • Dr. Jahanian, your calculator's presentation is hearty appreciated. Great idea! "Gabriela.W"

  • Very useful. Easy to understand. Thank you. "Evangelina"

  • Thank you for making this video. I can't tell you how much time and frustration this has saved me."John A"

  • I watched the video again as you suggested in your Recommendation for Studying. Again, I am blown away with what I have learned from your videos. I wish I had this when I took the FE the first time. "Donnie W"

  • This tutorial is great, it would have taken me hours what you're teaching me in a little over an hour!!! "Paul D"

  • just finish calculator videos today and I feel very comfortable using it. Thank you Dr. for your comprehensive presentation."khalid S"

  • It is very useful. I learned a lot from this section. I can work with my calculator better and faster than before. Thank you Dr. Jahanian"Afshin E"

  • I think video format on how to use the calculator is excellent because it make it much easier to learn than reading some text instructions. As they say a picture worth a thousand words, and I say a video may worth a million words."Juan, Chicago, IL"