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Extensive Review
Self-Study Online Review ( Civil )
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FE Civil Study guide

This Up-to-Date Self-Study comprehensive online review courses includes, all necessary materials you need to prepare and pass FE / EIT Civil CBT Exam on your first try.

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Our Extensive Review is self-study FE review course. You can study as soon as you purchased the course in your own pace. You have access to all materials and videos, and you can watch them at any time, and any place you wish. You will have 210 days (7 months) of access to your course.
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What Our Students Say :
  • I want to personally thank you for setting up this online review course specifically for the FE civil Exam. I've taken the FE exam 3 times in the past, became extremely frustrated, pressured, and nearly lost all hope on pursuing this exam for the future. This is when I researched heavily online and peers highly recommended signing up for your website. I registered for the Extensive Review and it was worth every penny, especially the calculator section and strategies on how to pass the exam. Took the recent FE in October for the 4th time and finally received a passing result. I didn't have to study everyday, due to your "study smart, not hard." I dedicated 3-4 weekdays and 1 day of the weekend for approx. 3 months, mainly focusing on the critical topics, mathematics, statics, dynamics, fluids, and economics, while touching up on other topics to ensure that I have a basic understanding. As a result, I feel extremely confident that I can take what I learned from your FE review course and utilize it for the PE exam next year. Thanks for creating a powerful source for those who graduated a few years back and need to re-learn and refresh on the topics."Brandon.C"

  • I just want to let you know that I purchased your extensive fe review and followed the 1-month plan and passed the fe cbt test! Thank you! "Charl.W"

  • Thank you again for your review course. With your assistance I was able to pass the FE ce exam, this was made possible from your extensive review course. I'm 38 years old and only had about a year or so college experience only completing some general education classes and never receiving a degree. My current work keeps me engaged with engineering type work but I was able to work hard using your course and reviewing your material to give me the confidence to pass the test. I was very glad to have passed this test to put this behind me and now look forward to taking the PE test. Thank you again for all your help! "Steve.S"

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